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How many types of cctv camera The complete Guide

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How many types of cctv camera in India

There are so many different types of CCTV cameras available in the market, now there are many types of cameras and solutions available for every industry. With such a vast range, preferring which CCTV camera is better for your home, business, etc.

Of all the cctvs, the following are as follows

Dome CCTV Cameras
Bullet cctv cameras
C-mount cctv cameras
PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera
Day / night cctv cameras
Infrared / night vision cctv camera
Network / ip cctv camera
Wireless cctv cameras
High Definition (HD) CCTV Cameras

You must be thinking which CCTV camera should be bought for your business premises, shop which is good in quality and service? We have mentioned all the well in all given cctv camera, before selecting any solution carefully check the following cctv camera, so select the best cctv camera
We arrange to install all types of cctv cameras, that too at a very low price

1. Dome CCTV Camera

panasonic dome cctv camera

Due to the round shape they are called Dome cctv camera, which is placed in the rooms, while it is dome type in appearance, this cctv camera
It saves your business house from Choroo, it sees Chorro coming to the main door, and informs you again of the alarm system, it prevents Chorro from all directions. Its range can be mainly 30 to 40 mtr or more according to different company.

Main advantages

Because of its round shape, you can easily fit it.
It can be installed both indoor or outdoor
Being a dome means it is very difficult to tamper with it
This camera can cover all rotations up to 360 degrees,

Where can we use

This restaurant can be used from the pub office house to the rooftop, because its design is round, it can monitor an angle very well, this camera can cover all corners at one point of the line Can be applied, and it monitors all corners.

2. Bullet cctv cameras

panasonic bullet camera

Information about it in detail

Bullet camera is a different design, it can be seen by everyone, this camera is cylindrical in shape and is able to see long distance, Bullet camera is usually placed outside, it is dusty water. Remains

Its major benefits

Highly visible acts as a deterrent
Resistant to dirt in challenging environments
Provides long distance monitoring
Caching also prevents glare and rain.

Ideal uses

Bullet cameras can be used to good effect in many industries such as manufacturing, asset management and farming. They not only record good quality photos, but also send you messages that your campus office is safe. This is the reason why we have spoken it for putting outdoor space in good condition, because its water resistant moisturist is resistant.

3. C-mount cctv cameras

c-mount cctv camera

More about this

C-mount CCTV cameras are a good option for those who can be monitored around it. These are laces with a lens that can be rotated around to monitor different distances. C-mount cameras are usually heavy, so like bullet cameras, they are used exclusively to prevent criminal activity.

Its main advantages

Special lenses are fitted for viewing beyond 40 feet.
It prevents crimes due to being seen at extreme distances.
Cover cover can be installed over the camera to protect it in cold environment
This water proof dust proof makes it great for outdoor use.

Ideal uses

This is the main choice camera for viewing long distance on the view of your campus, office, home, all the places. Therefore it is popular in utilities and logistics industries. Due to the reliability of the camera in extreme temperatures, workers in the food and manufacturing industries may also opt for this option.

4. PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera

ptz tilt zoom camera


With PTZ (pan tilt and zoom) cameras, your security team can have complete control over what is recorded. With the touch of a button, the camera lens can be moved left and right, tilted from top to bottom and zoomed in and out. If you have a security personnel, you can see the security guard from the ptz camera. Can also, that he is protecting or not.

Its major benefits

There is a lot of optical zoom on these cameras so that you can see it more closely
Its pan and tilt feature provides 360-degree field of view.
Due to the distance of one’s face, it is slightly blurred, so the texture of the face can be distinguished.
The security team has full control of the recording and can react to live conditions

Ideal uses

This is the best CCTV camera for remote viewing. It is the right choice for large distances or large installations and is considered the best CCTV for business premises, which is a uniquely valuable item to protect. For example, it is best to be placed in a museum or hotel etc. when that agitation

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