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corona virus covid-19 india

Due to Corona virus surveillance market loss $20 billion

73 / 100

World loss 2 billion in during Corona Virus Covid-19

cctv industry in india loss 20 billion in corona virus

Cctv industry in india and world has lost upwards of 20 thousand crores due to Corona virus. It is being speculated that if it continues like this, then some private cctv companies can read the loss.
The world’s largest market is China of cctv, and the corona virus Covid-19 was also spread from Wuhan City in China,
So far, it has made many people around the world their victims, and many industries have been forced to shut down. Italy and America are most affected by this. Now more than 5 lakh people have become victims of corona in America. Talk about Italy has also taken a terrible form.

How can you protect your business from Corona?
The camera in your factory can protect you from thief, because of the lock down, you do not go to your factory and business center, it is prone to theft, due to the cctv camera installed, you can keep guarding it from mobile at home. Can
And your business will also be secure. You can buy branded camera for your factory office from, it is very cheap and high quality cctv camera.

People can also connect the camera with an alarm.
You can also connect your camera camera with an alarm system, so that by connecting the alarm device in your industry such as a factory shop office home, the alarm camera informs you by making an alarm and making a loud sound before it is stolen. The special thing is this, you can also connect to it with a video camera made of Khas Tor, through which you can talk to an outsider and also through video. And you can record it as well.

India has lost millions of crores due to Shish Corona virus Kovid-19
India cctv camera comes at number 1 in biometric all cctv camera objects, if it is all company and closed with such corona virus, it can read India to suffer huge losses. For news related to Kavi-19, you can go to site and see the news of Kovid-19 related to the world and India.

As of now, it is estimated that India has suffered losses due to Covid-19 of about 6 lakh crores. And this loss is the biggest loss ever. America, also called World Power, has suffered the most damage, Shri Narendra Modi has given a big lock down in India till May 3 regarding the corona, it is also good for the nation.
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